Any class extended from Laracord's framework will typically have multiple methods available to access various components/state such as the Bot, Discord, and Console instances.

Accessing the Bot

The bot instance in this context is the Laracord class instance that is initialized when booting the bot. This instance contains the event loop and boot logic.

The bot instance is registered with the application container and can be accessed globally using app():

$bot = app('bot');

When inside of a class that extends Laracord, the bot instance will always be available on the bot() getter:

$bot = $this->bot();

Accessing Discord

The Discord instance consists of the DiscordPHP client and can be used anywhere in the bot as long as you have access to the application container.

When inside of a class that extends Laracord, the Discord instance is available using the discord() getter:

$channel = $this->discord()->getChannel('your-channel-id');

If you need to access the Discord instance outside of Laracord, you can use the bot instance in the application container:

$discord = app('bot')->discord();

Accessing Console

Console works the same way as the Discord instance. It is always available using the console() getter:

$this->console()->log('Hello world!');

Or by using the application container:

$console = app('bot')->console();