What is Laracord?

Laracord is a micro-framework that provides a beautiful starting point for your next Discord bot.

Build functional, elegant bots harnessing the full power of Laravel alongside DiscordPHP.



  • Out of the box support for databases, caching, and many other Laravel features thanks to Laravel Zero.
  • Instantly generate working bot commands and event listeners with 0 knowledge.
  • Automatic handling of registering/updating/unregistering application slash commands.
  • Generate asynchronous services/tasks that run parallel to the bot.
  • Optional HTTP Server with native Laravel routing and Livewire support.
  • Fully configurable and extendable.
  • Beautiful console logging with timestamps.
  • Fully documented and maintained.


Laracord utilizes Composer for managing dependencies. Before using Laracord, please ensure you have Composer installed on your machine.

The following PHP extensions are also required:

Creating a Project

Before creating your first Laracord project, make sure that your local machine has PHP and Composer installed.

After you have installed PHP and Composer, you may create a new Laracord project via Composer's create-project command:

$ composer create-project laracord/laracord
$ cd laracord

Initial Configuration

In order to run the Bot, you will have to create an Application using the Discord Developer Portal and obtain a bot token.

By default, the Bot will also require you enable the necessary Intents.

These can be found and enabled in the developer portal under Settings > Bot > Privileged Gateway Intents.

Intents Screenshot

Once you obtain a bot token, you can configure it inside of .env:


Booting Laracord

To boot your bot, simply run laracord with no arguments passed:

$ php laracord

When booting Laracord using a bot token that is currently not in any servers, Laracord will automatically output an invite link in console for convenience.

Adding a Bot Admin

For convenience, Laracord comes with a console command to set a specified user as admin using their Discord ID:

$ php laracord bot:admin <id>

Tinker (REPL)

Laracord comes with full support for Tinker out of the box.

$ php laracord tinker

Additional Commands

To view all built-in console commands, you can run the list command:

$ php laracord list