Out of the box, Laracord has support for Laravel's array driver for caching. This allows you to use the Cache facade or cache() helper anywhere in your project.

By default, the project cache will be stored in the cache/ directory inside of the project. When a bot is built for production, a cache folder will be created alongside the binary.


Laravel has in-depth documentation concerning the usage of Cache within Laravel, but here are the basics:

Storing Cache

Storing an item in cache can be done using the put() method on the global cache() helper:

$cached = cache()->put('key', 'value', now()->addMinute());

You can cache a key forever using the ->forever() method:

$forever = cache()->forever('key', 'value');

Another option is ->rememberForever() which will return the value of the cache otherwise firing and caching a callback to retrieve the value:

$remember = cache()->rememberForever('key', fn () => ['hello', 'world']);

Retrieving Cache

Retrieving cache is extremely straight forward and can be done using ->get():

$cache = cache()->get('key');

Flushing Cache

Individual cache keys can be removed using the ->forget() method:


To flush the entire cache, you can use ->flush():